Kitchen Design Consultations

American Kitchens, Inc. is pleased to offer free computerized design consultations/estimates

To provide you with the best possible information and estimates, we suggest following steps below. The more information you have prepared for our professional designers- the more accurate we can assist you in realizing your custom cabinetry, kitchen & bathroom remodel dreams!

  1. If possible, bring in the blueprints of your home.
  2. Take pictures of the places you wish to add custom cabinets or countertops.
  3. Measure your project area. Note all dimensions in inches and use a pencil for easy changes.
  4. Draw a rough sketch of the room, its shape and features. Try to include doors, windows, breaks in the walls, outlets and switches. Don’t forget to sketch in other obstructions such as appliances and soffits.
  5. Indicate in which direction the doors swing and where they lead. Please note the location of all ducts, vents and/or radiators.
  6. Please note any special features in your home that may affect your layout plan in any way.
  7. Bring along idea photos, books or magazines that have design elements, colors, or materials that you love.
  8. Contact our design team to arrange a time for your free consultation and estimate!

Get a Free Consultation!

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