Bathroom Remodeling

Our professional bathroom remodeling team can help build your dream bathroom!

Bathrooms are some of the hardest working rooms in the house. At any given moment,
they endure heat, moisture, and frequent changes in temperature. If your bathroom has seen
better days and is starting to wear, it may be time for a bathroom remodeling job from American
Kitchens, Inc.

While most people put their energy and focus into their kitchen remodeling projects, there’s no reason why the bathroom should be neglected! Bathrooms are a space that most
people spend quite a bit of time in every day and could benefit from some quality upgrades.
Whether your bathroom remodeling involves simply making a few cosmetic changes, such as
new fixtures and flooring, or a complete transformation with custom cabinetry and new
countertops, at American Kitchens, Inc. we have all the top brands, in an endless array of
styles, ensuring that we meet your needs and stay within budget.

Many homeowners are looking to remodel their bath into a spa-like retreat, a place of
relaxation. Because bathrooms are generally smaller than kitchens, making the them more
affordable than kitchen remodeling projects, it’s easier to make fixes that can give the entire
space an instantly renovated look. It’s also easier to make room in the budget for cabinetry,
countertops, and even flooring that may be considered too lavish for a kitchen, while still having
just as much of an impact on the value of your home. While you may fear that custom cabinetry,
or stone/quartz countertops are out of your budget, most bathrooms don’t have the square
footage of kitchen countertops, making the upgrade entirely affordable. Nothing says luxury
quite like gleaming new cabinets, countertops, or floors in a newly updated bathroom.

If you’re thinking about updating and personalizing your bathroom, look to our experts at
American Kitchens, Inc. While our name may specify kitchens, we specialize in bathroom
cabinets and other bathroom remodeling services, as well. We would love to help you design a
bathroom that will work for your specific needs. Stop by our showrooms in Orlando today for a free consultation with one of our professional designers.

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