5 Ways to Increase Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage

January 15, 2018

If you are searching for kitchen cabinets Orlando, FL locals love, here are kitchen storage ideas from American Kitchens, Inc. in Orlando, FL. Let us know what you are looking for and we will help you design your kitchen cabinets today.

Top Kitchen Storage Ideas to Consider


Pull Out Bins


These are perfect for trash cans and recycling bins. It keeps the ugly bulky items out of sight and hidden in a cabinet. Turning one of your cabinets into a pull out style cabinet will free up space in other areas of your kitchen.  


Pot and Pan Organizers


This will help you avoid the mess of having pots and pans all over the place. Stacking these items all over your kitchen can sometimes add clutter when you are cooking and instead of making room for kitchen storage ideas you can not pass up. When you find ways to organize your pots and pans, it opens up existing cabinet space so you do not have to break your budget to buy more storage.


Create Easy Access Drawers


Many kitchen cabinets Orlando residents have cause messy kitchens when everything is thrown into one top drawer. For example, utensils tend to become a huge mess in many kitchens. To solve this problem, you can add a drawer divider or a pull out drawer to organize things into their own space.


Make a Custom Spice Rack


In almost every home, spice racks are all over the place. Keeping all your spices in one place is important, and making sure they do not take up an entire cabinet is where our kitchen storage ideas will come in handy. Adding a shallow space for spices is always an option to keep your spices well organized and all within one area of your kitchen.


Use Racks and Moveable Shelving


This is handy for people who are renting, who can not make any structural changes to their space. Keeping it basic with removable shelves, racks, or cabinet door organizers is the answer to making superior kitchen storage ideas. This is also an inexpensive, cost effective solution and makes big changes for all types of kitchens. They help you declutter and open up your space in all types of ways.  


American Kitchens, Inc. Design Advice


When you are searching for kitchen cabinets Orlando, FL residents prefer, our staff has the answers you have been waiting to hear. With these kitchen cabinet storage tips you can rearrange your kitchen space and open up your kitchen in so many different ways. Just ask us for advice. We can take a look at your space to find a solution that works best for you.  


Contact Us


If you are considering some new kitchen remodeling and need some help, reach out to American Kitchens, Inc. in Orlando, FL and we will be able to find a design that works best in your home. You can increase the value and functionality of your kitchen with these storage changes, let us help you today.


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