Trend Alert: Adding A Shot of Color Into Your Bathroom Design

August 16, 2017

When it is time to design your home, one space you will want to focus on is your bathroom. Let’s be honest, this is a room everyone in the house will use on a daily basis so you want it to look presentable. Also, if you have guests over; it is inevitable that they will need to use the restroom so you want to make sure this room looks impeccable. Most people do not consider the design of their bathroom to be a priority but if you think about how many people will see the inside of your rest room, you may want to reconsider your priorities. At American Kitchens in Orlando, we have bathroom countertops that can add a pop of color to your bathroom design ideas.

What Colors Are Trending?

If you have darker colors in your bathroom or more neutral tones, you may be hesitant to add a completely exotic color because you don’t want it to ruin the design or stand out too much to where it doesn’t make sense to have added that color. These are all valid concerns, but when you are brainstorming bathroom design ideas, we strongly urge you to consider adding color as a focal point to your bathroom. Some color trends we are seeing include:

  • Yellow and gray- if you have a neutral palette planned for your bathroom, why not add a splash of color with bright yellow bathroom countertops? The contrast between the darker walls and the bright piece of furniture offers a quirky style that works.
  • Watery blue- This can set location. For example, if you add blue and green tile to the walls, it will give off the vacation vibe. If you want your guests to emerge in island fun, you may want to consider this color palette.
  • Fushia- If your bathroom is finished with grays and whites, adding fuschia colored pieces can transform the room into something serene and beautiful. You can add fuschia colored towels and rugs. Something as simple as this can give your bathroom so much personality.
  • Green- Green and white in your bathroom can add so much value to your home. Green is the color of energy and adding a bright green color to your white bathroom will allow for positive contrasts and make your bathroom furniture really pop.

Tips On Adding A Color As A Focal Point

There are endless ways to design your bathroom but here are a few tips that may help you in deciding where to add color:

  • Daring shower curtain- add color to your bathroom with a colorful shower curtain. It doesn’t have to blend in with the rest of your bathroom, as a matter of fact, it should stand out.
  • Bathroom countertops- If you have wood colored cabinets, try adding a color to your countertops that will make the entire piece stand out.
  • WOW with colorful towels!- As simple as this sounds, it really does add value to your bathroom. The colors of your towels can provide a simplistic yet beautiful accent to your bathroom space in Orlando.

Contact Us

When you are looking for bathroom design ideas that WOW, talk with the experts at American Kitchens in Orlando! We can help you decide on the perfect bathroom countertops that will impress anyone who walks in. Adding color can speak volumes and if it’s done right, your bathroom can become a room you are proud to have designed. To find out more about bathroom design, call us today at 407-645-3235 or visit our website!


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