5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That Make An Impression

September 6, 2017

The kitchen is no longer just a functional place to prepare food and clean. It is a place for family gatherings. In recent times, there has been a rise in impressive outdoor kitchens. This is largely attributed to the rise in TV cooking shows and a variety of home designs for this appearing in magazine ads. In many homes, the outdoor kitchen has become the ideal place for abundant laughter, great food and plenty of conversations. There has also emerged an elite class of outdoor kitchen remodelers who are able to turn an open space into a luxurious outdoor kitchen. One of which is American Kitchens, Inc. in Orlando, FL.


To put up with the various weather conditions outside, durability must be highly considered when designing outdoor kitchens. Additionally, the kitchen must fall in line with today’s home designs as well as skilled home chefs. Additionally, many kitchen designs are incorporating sizable kitchen countertop spaces to accommodate functions like entertainment, serving, eating and cooking. The following are some of the common outdoor kitchen ideas that many homes are adopting:


One-Wall Kitchen


In case you don’t have enough room for a lavish L-shaped design or a large outdoor island, then you could opt for a single-wall design. For instance, the rustic and cozy studio-like space is preferable for lounging and eating. It is designed with a stunning fireplace, comfortable seating and a wall designed with all the whistles and bells you may need in a compact kitchen.


Covered Cooking


This is a luxurious kitchen that almost resembles an indoor kitchen setting. It has a covered cooking section that is fully fitted with a variety of features to make it easy to cook in. The outdoor kitchen is designed with plenty of cooking space to accommodate several people. These can be finished with a variety of colors such as a soft white background and black countertops to perfectly blend into the entire stacked stone and floor.


Outdoor Kitchen with Curves


An outdoor kitchen can be designed in a U-shape. The U-shape offers the most efficient and effective way of utilizing the work triangle. It is also referred to as the C-shaped design and is made up of many curves and bends.


Cooking with a View


How about an outdoor kitchen facing a swimming pool or just an open field? The modern L-shaped outdoor kitchen offers a serene and clean cooking and eating space. The kitchen countertops can be used as a serving area.


Chef’s Corner


In case you have one or two empty walls, you can come up with a kitchen design that will appeal to the senses. The outdoor kitchen remodelers have the expertise needed to design an outdoor kitchen which perfectly blends the old-world kitchen style with modern contemporary touches. The kitchen is appealing to any chef who would wish to grill up a feast.




The kitchens can have kitchen countertops completed with Babylon Gray Quartz, Copenhagen Granite, Golden Crystal Granite, Arctic White Quartz or Pebble Rock Quartz. To have the best design and fittings that will serve you well, it is important to select an experienced and trustworthy outdoor kitchen remodeler. American Kitchens Inc. has a team of experienced and professional outdoor kitchen remodelers that bring the outdoor dream into reality. American Kitchens Inc. sources its product from some of the world’s leading brands like Amerock Hardware, Cambria, Silestone and Waypoint among others. In addition to outdoor kitchen design, the firm also offers bathroom remodeling, flooring, and kitchen countertops. To contact us to help you obtain the materials and help you need for your outdoor kitchen remodel in Orlando, click here.


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